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Dec 2, 2013 5:30am PST
. the first line of defense is fine but much concrete barriers protest as many training to race yesterday today and look back and to finish the job we saw much of each track riding into these concrete barriers but that didn't succeed. now police are firing non stop around to see a cast of projects this one a tenant of course it being used and when we went that we heard what sounded like a very nice explosion the curtain from what it was and we dined really had the throw at it also reports that the police has intensified efforts to stop protests tears and started using rubber bullets as well i've now as i said before they met. there is too isolated areas with flashes of going on at the metropolitan police bureau and government house many schools and universities. i placed that business is operating as seen as usual and in other parts of the shady life goes on all the more credit than today rich had around the capital outflows to attend so they on very isolated areas away from any of the tourist hot spots right and sad to see the prom prom is the national mall just to conclude its
Dec 8, 2013 5:30am PST
will come at the date on upgrading the self defense force or revising japan's pacifist constitution dead fish in a cctv taken the death toll in the central philippines after super typhoon high on the snow close to five thousand eight hundred people the destruction by some estimates is in the billions of us dollars. the storm destroyed houses businesses and agriculture and a cctv wannabe low reports even tackle the city's main jail was at stake. there was no home after the storm. st paul but he was a city in shock people who just lost everything. turning to the building to survive. then came news that he meets a woman seeking to have escaped freezing here and driving thousands out of the city they're close to seven hundred inmates here in a moment to the gym gave the storm came about a hundred sixty of them escape more than three weeks after the killer typhoon forty eight are still missing authorities say they're working on finding the remaining fugitives even as security remains tight rope the city. didn't actually take much an effort to search for those who escape. many have return
Dec 4, 2013 5:30am PST
establish a new air defense identification zone. now the defense ministry as we get from this new announcement over the east china sea say it is not an expansion of china's airspace. it is sadly not targeting any country specific defense ministry spokesman kong and shop modifying a press conference is going to be a cic is not a no fly zone its own expansion of china's territory as space is simply been established to calling him as a precaution to help china better defend its national and states on johnny day with a top story in the skin soft. ms jones said the east china sea air defense identification zone is essentially different from terror toil airspace were no fly zones. he will not affect the freedom of over apply to other countries aircraft based on international loss nor is it again did any specific country or target answering some people doubt on china's monitoring capabilities in the zone the spokesman said the military's determination to safeguard the security of national territory and tempo and pace are odd way for him and the military is fully capable of exercising eff
Dec 5, 2013 5:30am PST
peasant eugene paying the exchange views on china's recent announcement of its air defense identification zone i report on call has been closely following this visit and has this report. joe biden speaking the chinese call is filled with smiles and handshakes. but disagreements over china's announcement of an air defense identification zone are still widespread. biden said he was very direct present she jumped in. less firm than china's recent and sudden announced the establishment of new air defense identification zone has to state the obvious cause significant apprehension in the region see james dean calls for us to respect china's core interests and says the two countries should maintain what he calls the crack direction of the sino us relations. on sunday. china has set up the east china sea eric and i can put the case in style. how often the tournament needs of self defense in accordance with international law. japan and the united states should respond to read of the issues in an object at the fair manner. secondly as i pointed out earlier in the country has unilater
Dec 3, 2013 5:30am PST
also unlike the contentious missile defense system he in europe and russia doesn't like a dope but they're also going to be looking along with the other night and countries and areas of mutual cooperation because relations has been very frosty as of late. they got to go place to boost the partnerships in combating piracy in combating drug trafficking even working areas of mutual consent so that is going to be a fairly import meeting. but they're also going to be talking about afghanistan began with russia. many of the former sidekick countries like kyrgyzstan tajikistan uzbekistan are all not northern border. they still have very good relations with russia russia does not want to see the security situation to de stabilize the taliban again making inroads into those countries said this is one area one of the very few areas where russia us nato policy really come together there is very much a unified vision on what should be happening the sea and mixed it in afghanistan from russia the us at night or homemade think he'll get appreciated that so chris pine and dad bought ten reporting
Dec 9, 2013 5:30am PST
and is considered to be content. i'm the best defense minded to have for you as president when i get the thing. less people coming to see if it is still to fill space to do so could then make an end to have that stability is coming through the rest of africa lots of corporations taking teeth and getting that big memorial service on the grounds tomorrow. and of course from the winds stay at home to nelson mandela will of the league's state of the union buildings from wednesday until friday and dad doing be it in the morning and often it will be towed into distinctive for its really the eight unit the size of government wants to give. after six months to see him in ghana. last time was it cctv american state to monty into thinking the size of the plaza mentality of the some of the us the polis d this is the movement is similar to the apostates trouble he says go in there that the eighty one again. mike dawson and data. some of the ideology would be similar. they ate they both were working were giants in the sense that they both won the nobel peace prize because the one man pursuing pea
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)